Consent to Personal Data Processing

  1. Information provision by the User

1.1. When registering on the IT platform of management and technology competencies (MTC) at производительность.рф in the Internet (hereinafter, “MTC IT Platform”), the User shall provide the following information to the Organization:

last name, name, patronymic, date of birth, passport details, gender, employer organization, subdivision, position, email, business telephone number and mobile telephone number.

1.2. When providing their personal data, the User agrees to the processing of such data (until the User’s withdrawal of their consent to the processing of their personal data) by the FEDERAL CENTER OF COMPETENCES IN THE FIELD OF LABOR PRODUCTIVITY AUTONOMOUS NON-COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION (hereinafter, the “Organization”) for the purpose of performance by the Organization of its obligations towards the User, as well as to the provision of such data to third parties for the purposes of research, work or services within the framework of agreements (contracts) entered into by the Organization with such third parties.

Furthermore, the User agrees to receive promotional and service messages (text messages, notices and telephone calls), including, without limitation, by phone. When processing the User’s personal data, the Organization shall be governed by the Federal Law “On Personal Data”, Federal Law “On Advertising” and local regulations of the Organization.

1.2.1. Should the User wish to have their personal data adjusted, blocked or destroyed where such personal data are incomplete, obsolete, inaccurate, illegally obtained or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing, or should the User wish to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data or stop wrongful acts of the Organization in relation to the User’s personal data, the User shall submit a relevant official request to the Organization in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the Organization’s Personal Data Processing Policy.

Should the User wish to have their MTC IT Platform account deleted, the User shall submit a relevant request to Such an act does not constitute the withdrawal by the User of their consent to the processing of their personal data, which, in accordance with current legislation, shall be effected in accordance with the procedure provided for in the first paragraph of this subclause.

1.3. Usage of information provided by the User and received by the Organization

1.3.1. The Organization shall use any data provided by the User during the entire period of validity of the User’s registration on the MTC IT Platform for the purposes of:

  • Notifying Users of upcoming intramural courses;
  • Providing organizational, methodical, expert analytical and informational support to enterprises and participants of the Labor Productivity and Employment Support national project;
  • Distributing invitations to virtual training sessions (virtual classes) among Users;
  • Distributing recommendations for
    • e-learning courses,
    • books,
    • educational videos,
    • etc.;
  • Notifying Users of e-learning tests, courses, procedures, etc. as assigned;
  • Notifying Users of any new educational content added to the distance learning system;
  • Preparing training proposals on the basis of personal data processing, e.g. age and professional activities.
  1. Provision and transfer of information received by the Organization

2.1. The Organization shall not transfer any information received from the User to third parties, except for the parties listed in Clause 2.8 of this consent. Provision of information by the Organization to agents and third parties acting on the basis of contracts/agreements with the Organization for the purpose of performing obligations towards the User within the framework of such contracts/agreements shall not constitute a breach. Transfer of the User’s anonymized data by the Organization to third parties for the purpose of assessment and analysis of the MTC IT Platform operation and provision of personal recommendations shall not constitute a breach of this subclause.

2.2. Transfer of information in accordance with reasonable and applicable requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation shall not constitute a breach of obligations.

2.3. The Organization is entitled to use cookies. Cookies do not contain any personal information and are not transferred to third parties.

2.4. The Organization receives information regarding a MTC IT Platform visitor’s IP and the website from which the visitor accessed the MTC IT Platform. Such information is not used to identify the visitor.

2.5. The Organization shall not be responsible for any data published by the User on the MTC IT Platform.

2.6. When processing personal data, the Organization will take organizational and technical measures as necessary and sufficient to protect personal data from unauthorized access and other wrongful acts.

2.7. More complete information about the Organization’s policy regarding the processing of personal data is given in the decree of the Organization on the approval of the processing and storage of personal data in the Organization.

2.8. The Organization shall be entitled to transfer, without written consent, information received from the User to: the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; the Government of the Russian Federation; the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation; the regional executive bodies of the Subjects of the Russian Federation responsible for the implementation of regional projects “Targeted Support for Increasing Enterprise Labor Productivity”, “Systemic Measures for Increasing Labor Productivity”, “Employment Support and Improvement of Labor Market Efficiency for Increasing Labor Productivity”; Export School of Russian Export Center JSC AUTONOMOUS NON-COMMERIAL ORGANIZATION FOR CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION; the Industrial Development Fund (Federal State Autonomous Institution Russian Foundation for Technological Development); the Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA), and other third parties on the basis and within the framework of a relevant agreement (contract) concluded with the Organization, for the purpose of implementation of certain activities within the Labor Productivity and Employment Support national project.

  1. Storage and use of information by the User

3.1. The User shall not disclose the login and password used for the User’s identification on the MTC IT Platform to third parties.

3.2. The User shall exercise due diligence when storing and using the login and password (including, without limitation, use licensed antivirus software and complex combinations of letters and figures, prevent access of third parties to a computer or other equipment where the User’s login and password have been entered, etc.).

3.3. Should the Organization suspect the use of the User’s account by any third party or malware, the Organization shall be entitled to change the User’s password unilaterally.